Pedro José Bernárdez Sarría

Uplifting Music for Media and Concert Stage

©2016 Pedro José Bernárdez Sarría. All rights reserved.


I'm a composer who believes in and expounds the truth: that reality is objective, that rights are values and the source of morality, that thinking and rationality is the only thing that separates us from the animals and that true capitalism is thus the only moral system (and therefore the only one that can lead to prosperity as opposed to destruction).


As such, I'm not interested in blending genres, creating sound gimmicks or adapting different styles just because they're fashionable or peculiar; I used to be, but not anymore. Now I'm only interested in creating objectively great works- works that are masterful in construction and move the mind- works that shimmer and extoll all that is great about the human condition. As such I continue to study and think about the objectively great in music- and to create appropriately.