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Distracciones 1-20, a set of short works in various styles


Prometheus, tone poem

Ragtimes No. 1-10, 12-17, 19-22, 24; No. 3 pr. Casa Sánchez, Los Angeles (2012)

Rondo; pr. Old South Church, Boston (2007)

Sonata No. 1; pr. Berklee College of Music (2007) by Emi Inaba (first movement, third movement left hand), Laurent Ziliani (second movement), myself (third movement right hand)

Sonatinas No. 1-3; No. 1 pr. Old South Church, Boston (2007)


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Airport, a baseball rag for organ, pr. David Bohn Appleton, Wisconsin (2013)

Ballgame Foibles, a baseball rag for organ, pr. David Bohn Appleton, Wisconsin (2016)

Car Fugue in D minor, for harpsichord

Harpsichore, for harpsichord; pr. Old South Church, Boston (2007)

Les Fleurs, characteristic suite for harpsichord

Orange, for harpsichord

Toccata, for organ


Colores, a modernist display of orchestral timbre from highest to lowest.

A Walk in Central Park, tone poem

A Pear, true-tone poem

El Maleficio, true-tone poem


Humores, tone poem

Los cuatro coroneles de la reina,  for orchestra and soprano; to text by Amado Nervo

Paropia, pr. Festival Jóvenes Pianistas, Caracas, Venezuela (2004)

Ragtime No. 11

The Ammonite, tone poem


Canon, for solo english horn

Concierto de cámara, a modernist preter-aleatoric work for clarinet, piano, violin and cello 

Conductus Myrmex, fugue for octet

Fugato and Canon in A Major,  for string orchestra

Fugue in A for Flute, Oboe and Bassoon

Fugue in C Minor, in 5/8 time, for 2 violins, cello and continuo

Geometric Telescope, for flute

Joropo, for harp

La mesa, for guitar

Parallelogram, modernist, for flute

Paraphrase, for piccolo and tuba

Pieza para piano y clarinete en sib en do# menor, for clarinet and piano, pr. Alfredo Ovalles, El piano del Ateneo festival (2004)

Quartets No. 1-2, for string quartet

Ragtime No. 18, for cello and trumpet

Ragtime No. 23, for flute, clarinet and bassoon

Suite venezolana, for piano, strings, woodwinds

Two Evocations, for flute

Toccata, for oboe

Toccatas No. 1-2, for violin

Trios No. 1-2, for violin, viola and cello

Variations on the Romanesca, for horn, harp and cello

Wedding March, pr. Fabiola Reyna’s wedding, Caracas, Venezuela (2009)


Missa Brevis, pr. Coro de Solistas Marielba Losada de Itriago, Caracas, Venezuela (2009)


Jabberwocky, for piano and soprano, pr. Berklee College of Music w/ soprano Aspasia Qirjaqi (2007)

The Onset, set to Robert Frost’s poem


Armonización, aleatoric work for piano and 2 tarkas, composed w/Gabriel Peraza

Hookah, for any instrument

Micro-fugue, for any two instruments of suitable range


Pedro José Bernárdez Sarría

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