Pedro José Bernárdez Sarría has been an excellent pianist for my project.. quick and straight to work.. Thanks”

Brandon Willoughby, Producer and Vocalist

“I firmly believe that we are confronted with a rare case of exceptional talent. Besides showing an outstanding technical ability at the keyboard, natural flair as a composer with an acute sense of form, harmonic structure, and perfect pitch, what impress[ed] me most is his artistic instinct, his creativity and his capacity to integrate thought into new models and ideas.”

Eduardo Marturet, Music Director of the Miami Philharmonic

“It is rare, indeed, to encounter someone as accomplished and talented as Pedro Bernardez.”

Diana Arismendi, Composer, President of the Latin American Contemporary Music Festival

“I certify his skills for composition and have no doubt about his conditions and talent”

Alfredo Rugeles, Music Director of the Latin American Contemporary Music Ensemble

“Possesses a set of skills beyond what is normally encountered in the industry”

Alan Ett, CEO Alan Ett Creative Group

“Es un músico creativo, audaz, disciplinado y con estilo propio; su música se define sola. Compartir su visión y trabajar junto a él fue en todo momento un placer”

Yael Farache, best-selling author and blogger

“His music is always improving and delving into new depths of sonic experimentation”

Brett Stewart, Producer, The Jukebox Podcast

“An extraordinary artist in every sense of the word”

Daniel Belardinelli, Composer, Ramblin’ Man Music


Pedro José Bernárdez Sarría

Uplifting Music for Media and Concert Stage

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